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Slackhai LTD
Investment company Limited

Given the high trading volume and the leverage effect, high frequency deals on the Cryptocurrency market are very profitable. We have designed automated dealerships machines for multiple daily profits.


Hourly for 3 Hours

Instant Payment


Hourly for 3 Hours

Instant Payment

Refer new investors and earn Commission 10%

Few words about us

Slackhai LTD, a private equity firm, has begun to invest in the Cryptocurrency and related industries through the creation of a Balanced Asset Basket with a view to making it profitable in 2017 Specially in Crypto trading Bitcoin , litecoin , ethereum. The main activity of the company is generally in the Cryptocurrency domain and specifically in the Cryptocurrency field of exchange and Cryptocurrency stock markets.

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Our level referral bonuses:

Name From To Referral Bonus (%)
Level A 1 80 4.0
Level B 81 160 5.0
Level C 161 250 6.5
Level D 251 400 8.0
Level E 401 and more 10.0

Our other levels referral bonuses (not depending on the number of referrals): Level 2: 0.5% Level 3: 0.5%

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